Korean Cultural Festival 2013 Cherish. Tradition. Embrace. Future.

Korean Culture at a crossroads

Petal of a flower in the winds

Let us imagine the world of music to be a vast garden. Here one may find a flower of Korean music, there one encounters another that represents German music. On the southern corner is a flower of Argentine music. Next to the Korean flower, we also find that of Japan. Across the pond lies a bed of flowers, that is the United States. So on with an Italian flower or a Brazilian too. This evening, let us then take a closer look at what constitutes the Korean flower. Examine its various parts: from its roots all the way up to the petals. And its surroundings: the bees, birds, and the winds.
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Part I : The Flower
The evening starts with a scene of celebration which offers a brief tasting of the popular traditional dance and percussion music (Samul-nori), which culminates in an enactment of the traditional marriage ceremony accompanied by a warm and exciting ensemble piece that fuses the old and the new.
Korean Drum Dance Jessica Park & Co.
Re-enactment of Traditional Marriage Ceremony Members of KCB
Empty Heart (Eunyoung Kim & Sigimsae, composer) Jeong, Kim, Baik, & Musicians of Sigimsae
Heart's Way 마음길 TeRra Han & Eunyoung Kim
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Part II: The Petal
One of the foremost instruments of the Korean traditional music is Kayageum. The middle segment of the concert will feature this petal of the flower, also embodied by the fabulous Kayageum virtuoso of the evening, whose elegant physique and costume fit our image of the delicate and vulnerable beauty of a petal. The pieces she play will encompass the whole gamut of the genre from the meditative traditional piece to the duets with a cellist with a nod to another classical tradition as well as popular music.
Autumn Diary 가을의 일기 (Kyung Hoon Park) TeRra Han, Yumi Bae
Rose Jang 백도라지 (Korean Traditional, 금산 version) TeRra Han & Yumi Bae
Prelude from Suite No 3 for Cello Solo (J. S. Bach) Yumi Bae & TeRra Han
Sarabande from Cello Suite No 5 for Cello Solo (J. S. Bach) TeRra Han & Yumi Bae
P'ansori (고고천변 from 수궁가) TeRra Han
Kayageum SanjoTeRra Han
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Part III : The Wind
Now imagine the petal whisked off the flower by a gust of wind. The winds could be coming in any direction, maybe in the form of a Tango classic, the Japanese Trad, or an intriguing experimental jazz collective. Would the petal be able to tame the wind and ride along it? Would Arirang bring all disparate threads together ? Where would be its destination ? The program will end with the question unanswered.
The audience are encouraged to go home with their interest piqued about the flower, the petal, and the wind and further explore on their own and through other excellent cultural festivities around Boston. Hopefully, the taste of the Korean Bibimbop and Pastries stirred your appetite, so you will be looking up Yelp for further culinary adventures. To refresh your memory, you may also visit the archive of this evening’s performances in near future here, hopefully with a friend.
Samul-Nori Haneul Sori 하늘 소리 (Jeon Ryul Choi, group leader)
Improvisations Paintbrush Orchestra (Yeonathan Shachar, conductor)
J trad medley Sumie Kaneko & Isaku Kageyama
Takeda no Komoriuta (Lullaby of Takeda) (Japanese trad.) Sumie Kaneko, Isaku Kageyama, Kyumin Shim, Seungho Jang, Kiwoong Choi
My Favorite Things (R. Rogers, O. Hammerstein) Sumie Kaneko, Isaku Kageyama, Kyumin Shim, Seungho Jang, Kiwoong Choi
Grand Finale (Traditional, Eunhye Jeong, arranger, Yeonathan Shachar, painter)
Part I. 뱃노래-궁타령 TeRra Han, Yeseul Park, Eunhye Jeong
Part II. Vocal + Strings Yoengsin Kim, Yumi Bae, Seungho Jang, Kyumin Shim
Part III Arirang Deconstructed/Re-assembled Paintbrush Orch.
Part IV Jam on Arirang, K. Shim, Musicians of Sigimsae and Paintbrush Orch.
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